Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure (2011) Two friends tape recorded their neighbors’ constant, hilarious bickering which became a viral sensation in the days of cassettes. [01:33:33]

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Saw this at the premier in Boise with a Q&A with the cast and crew. At first the movie will give you some chuckles, but is rather depressing by the end. Before this came out, a local morning radio show played some of the recordings as part of the show. Edit: If you visit Boise, see if *The Egyptian* is having an event. It’s a beautiful theater that now has classic films, music performances and other events. Not sure of the radio show, but they also had a weekly segment called *Lez Be Friends*


They fight and hate each other so much it almost sounds like love. Very bizarre documentary.


This is a very odd watch. It makes you realize how vast and varied our entertainment choices have become. I can find hundreds of hours of entertainment specifically tailored my tiny niche, any time I want. Youtube, podcasts, etc. When these tapes went “viral” (that’s not even the right word) it was before reality tv. I guess people were fascinated by the “realness” of the tapes. But honestly they are beyond unlistenable now. Anyway, that’s what I got out of it. I’m also surprised they were able to milk a feature length doc out of it. It need no more than 30 minutes.


Man, back in the day we used to trade these tapes, the Tube Bar taoes, and, god help us, the Jerky Boys, like they were made out of solid gold. I was so geeked when they made a doc about them.


Oh man those recordings were the shit in the old days… The kind of thing people on the internet enjoy has skewed so dramatically in 15 years