Since most of this sub advocates zero added sugar and no sweets, what is your go to “healthy” dessert?

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A small amount of high-quality ice cream, not every night. Personally, I think it’s better to learn how to eat what you really want in moderation, vs. the diet versions of things that are rarely as good. YMMV. Nights that I don’t have dessert, I’ll have fruit or popcorn as a snack.


Apples with peanut butter and honey slaps so hard it’s a nightly thing for me, helps squeeze in some extra protein as well as some fiber.


Fried banana with cinnamon. Cut in half length wise, cover flat side in cinnamon, small bit of coconut oil in the pan on low-medium heat, cook until the banana looks shiny. Can also do this with apples. Munk Pack cookies. Dairy Free Dark Chocolate chips.


Brownie. You only live once.


Protein ice cream. * 2 scoops chocolate whey protein * 1 frozen banana * 3/4 cup H2O * 1tsp peanut butter Blend! Should be super thick and tastes amazing. 300 calories and 35g protein