Solar Team Eindhoven unveiled world’s first solar-powered mobile home – the Stella Vita. Can generate enough solar electricity to drive 730 kilometers (454 miles) in a day with its 17.5-square-meter (188 sq ft.) solar area. Month-long journey through Europe starts September 19, 2021.

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Good luck, I hope they make it to Spain with no issues and prove this to be workable.


I find the headline claim to be highly doubtful. A 17.5m^2 in northern europe could optimistically gather 115~300W/m^2 from the sun on a sunny summer day. The sun’s maximum output is ~750W/m^2 in nothern regions, maybe closer to 1000W/m^2 in a Sahara region. I’m assuming a 15-25% solar efficiency, which is pretty typical. So that is 2000~3500 W in direct sun, which is available for maybe 6hrs per day. That would yield 11~19kwhr of energy to store. Assuming 90% storage efficiency. this amount of energy is only enough to 25~40% charge a Tesla model 3 smallest battery option (54kwhr). That battery option has a range of 220mi (354km). They are claiming a vehicle with 2-3x the cross section aero size, and probably 2x the weight is 4~8x more range efficient than a Tesla vehicle? …Get out of here, this isn’t a realistic day range estimate from solar recharge.


“Motor home” mobile home, not “trailer park” mobile home. The latter don’t really exist in Europe outside of vacation areas.


This would be nice to take off grid for some back road camping, only,……no way is that thing going off road. So I assume its more for tailgating?


Fuel is usually the largest expense that nomads have to contend with. With this vehicle and a satellite/cellular internet up-link, you could live for almost no money out on all that federal land out west. Camp somewhere for a week while your batteries charge and then drive to another free to stay area. Assuming the mobile home was fully paid for, you could probably live on less than $200/month, assuming you chose cheap food like dry beans and rice. Maybe a new retirement plan for some people?