Tesla opens a showroom on Native American land in New Mexico, getting around the state’s ban on automakers selling vehicles straight to consumers

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Car dealers and real estate agents are the most overpaid useless pricks right after politicians


That’s something that needs to be fixed. Car dealerships are not necessary anymore and they just cost the consumer more money by jacking up the price of the vehicle. There’s a reason the value of the car drops by a large amount once it’s driven off the lot.


Okay, so what does the native Americans get in this deal?


Sounds like the auto dealers didn’t want any competition. Smart move on Telsa’s part. One of the problems with owning a Tesla is there aren’t enough facilities to service them, causing months of backlogs and waiting.


Can someone explain to me the logic on why car manufacturers should be prohibited from selling direct to consumers or operating their own dealerships? What’s the logic here?