The Eye of God, over 100 hours of exposure on a dying star similar to our very own Sun [OC]

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This is so beautiful, thank you idontlikecock


I’ve seen a lot of images of this explosion/nebula. But I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen one to this detail level. This is amazing! Thank you. Can you explain the colorization process that you use?


These aren’t the natural colors, right? How did you colorize it?


You ever look at a photo of something in space and suddenly get sad knowing that you’ll never get to see it in person? It’s such a weird and specific sensation, but I get it regularly looking at photos like this. (Yes, I know, it’d kill me if I got too close. Doesn’t stop my animal brain from wanting to anyway!) Great photo, OP, and thanks for sharing.


Welp, now I gotta go listen to Pearl Jam’s Binaural again.