There are a decent amount of murderers who get away with it just walking around, acting normal and no one knows

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I feel like you’re admitting something to us here…


The murderer of Lisa Zeigert in Agawam, Massachusetts got away with his crime for nearly 30 years. During that time, he tried to forget about his own crime and worked as a manager at a restaurant while living a normal life. Eventually DNA evidence caught up with him and now he is in jail. Your boss at your restaurant could be a murderer.


Random serial killer trivia, the BTK killer was eventually caught decades later after constantly taunting and messaging the police when he sent in a floppy disc for convenience and it had all his metadata on it. He’d previously asked law enforcement who he was conversing with if they could trace his floppy disc. They said no.


I mean, we all know about OJ


Yep. The best way is to have literally ZERO connection to the victim. I mean, at that point you’re just killing for killing’s sake, which makes you a sociopath, but you’re more likely to get away with it, especially if you’re smart about all the other details. Most murders are crimes of passion (meaning you want to kill that specific person, if only in the heat of that moment) and most murderers are sloppy, too. Still, I’m sure there’re a few as you describe among us.