TIL Ann Hodges was hit and injured by a meteorite, the only person so known

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Some people win the lottery, others get hit by rocks from space


Wouldn’t she have been hit by a meteor an instant before it became a meteorite?


In 1911, there was a dog in Egypt killed by a meteor. As bizarre as that was, even more strange is that it wasn’t an ordinary meteor. It was a Martian meteor, blasted off the surface of Mars by an asteroid impact 11 million years before. So 11 million years ago, an event happened on another planet that would directly seal the destiny of a single Egyptian dog in the early 20th Century.


Through the course of countless millennia, over distances barely conceivable to something so small as mankind, the universe reached out to say, “Hey, hey you, Ann Hodges… fuck you in particular.”


What superpower did she develop?