TIL Don Cheadle was uncredited for his major role in Ocean’s Eleven due to him being denied top billing, alongside other cast members, so he refused to be credited at all.

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Why use a pic of Lex Grossman, Tom Cruise’ character from Tropic Thunder?


I was in the crowd outside the premier of Oceans Eleven. Never saw so many stars at once. Most were pretty friendly to the crowd, but George Clooney really worked it spending about 10 minutes shaking hands and talking to fans. He high fived my 10 year old daughter. Brad Pitt was also great.


I would want to take my name off for the accent alone.


I mean he’s great in that movie, but George Clooney, brad Pitt, Julia roberts, and….don cheadle?


I mean, is that surprising? Don Cheadle’s awesome but I don’t think he was as famous as the top billed cast. His argument was that, since he worked with the directors multiple times and the others didn’t, his name should be at the top with the top billed cast. That’s not how that works.