TIL there’s a mineral element (Promethium) so rare that it’s estimated there are 500-600 grams of it in the Earth’s crust

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I’ve heard that there are certain rare elements that don’t naturally occur on earth and our only source of them is small deposits where objects from space have collided with earth. Edit: Apparently not elements, but substances. Thanks everyone who pointed it out.


*sounds of the adeptus mechanicus furiously traveling through space to earth*


I had to explain this to someone who shared a “natural health science” post which tried to suggest that this, and a host of other elements, are normally used by the human body, despite the fact that they simply could not be, due to either their rarity, or radioactivity.


Which country are we establishing a democracy to liberate this mineral?


Jeff Bezos is now going to spend several billion dollars strip mining the entire earth because owning a handful of promethazine would make him look wicked cool