Uber drivers are employees, not contractors, says Dutch court

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I remember when Uber couldn’t come to Serbia. Their business model is incompatible with our law. “Driver” employment status , regulations required for a company that transports people, insurance in case of death or injury by “drivers” fault, health, pension & vacation days for “drivers”, protection in case of being unable to drive … many more Media was on rampage, calling Serbia “backwards”, “unable to innovate”, “unfriendly to foreign investments” you get the idea. In reality, taxi companies found domestic IT companies that made them similar apps, and almost everyone uses it.


Interesting. I guess Uber will be exiting that market…


So much for disrupting labor in Europe. Uber should try to innovate rather than exploit.


I see people on reddit still defending Uber. Uber isn’t above the law in Netherland, France or any other European country. In America, it’s different, Uber, Lyft can just make up their own laws like in California and bamboozle progressives to vote for “freedom” AKA less protections for workers…


Uber is very expensive in the Netherlands. They are basically the same prices as normal taxis. You don’t take a taxi unless you really have to or you are a tourist and you have no idea that public transportation is much better than taxis for most situations.