US Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) goes full Gilead, flat-out calls for a Christian theocracy | She called for removing ungodly leaders in Washington DC and replacing them with “righteous men and women of God” who realize that the government should be taking orders from the church

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These nutters will be the death of us all.


Godly men who helicopter their dick around underage girls at a bowling alley.


Hey Lauren, there ain’t no room for women in the typical theocracy.


I hope the CO redistricting gets her shuffled out in 2022


she asked >“What if Jesus showed up today” If that brown skinned middle eastern Jew showed up, talking about taking care of the poor and giving away all your material possessions Boebert and her Ilk would be leading the charge to send that “socialist commie terrorist” to Guantanamo for “enhanced interrogation”.