What makes you the happiest? What gives you genuine happiness?

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Being outside with no people around. Live in a city and I get up super early and just walk around before everyone else is out. Best part of my day.


When I manage to make my friends day by making them laugh. I honestly get so happy when they are happy. Edit: holy thank you everyone for the awards! I hope you all have a very good day!


I think it may be the only time I am ever genuinely happy when I am in that state of going to sleep where I think, but at the same time I am neither asleep nor awake. It feels like I am entirely detached from the physical world; free of fear, and pain.


Every morning I wake up next to my gf she stretches and does this little groan then kisses my cheek. I want to wake up that way every day forever.


I really love to hear about other peoples hobbies/passions/interests. It never fails to make me smile. Equally, my hobbies/passions/interests make me happy.