When you think of the word ‘rapist’, your mind always creates an image of a man and never of a woman.

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yeah, well, when they think of “apple”, most people picture a red one. The human mind pictures according to the reality it is most frequently exposed to.


I’m immediately reminded of the image of the rapist Brock Turner. It’s like the idea of a guy named Brock Turner raping an unconscious girl behind a dumpster and then getting a slap on the wrist because he was a promising athlete is burned into my mind. So yeah, when I hear rapist I think Brock Turner the rapist.


Maybe that’s a benefit of Aphantasia. I can’t visualize. So my imaginary rapist is just a rapist. No gender. Not even a person. Just an idea.


Reddit has discovered internal biases today it seems


I think of Dr. Tobias Funke, from Arrested Development. The man is both a analyst and a therapist. He is a analrapist.