Why America Fell Out of Love With the Pedestrian Mall – Bloomberg

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There is a wonderful pedestrian mall near Myrtle Beach, SC that offers a safe shopping and eating environment to the hundreds of tourists who fill the beach front high rises. It works because you have an attraction to draw people to the area – the beach. But ultimately I don’t see this idea coming back for cities and suburbs. E-commerce will eventually make it difficult for all but the trendiest of brick and mortar stores to survive.


The one near my house is making a come back, you need a draw though, and density, they aren’t wrong. I say let’s convert movie theaters back into real theaters 😁


I’m bummed that I never got to fully experience a pedestrian mall as an adult with an actual wallet behind them. By the time I could happily go shopping we’ve hit this point, and now they probably won’t ever come back. I couldn’t be an annoying teenager in the mall to be scorned by some random adult buying trinkets, and now I probably won’t get to be a random adult buying trinkets having a chance to scorn annoying teens…


I live in Maryland, in the DC suburbs, and they have built quite a few of these and they are hugely successful. Rockville town center, and downtown Silver Spring are two examples. Lots of restaurants and bars, both have libraries, both are near metro stations. They’re really nice and have really boosted the economy of the local community.


Went to the mall with my wife the other day. It was nothing but bullshit stores like fye, Spencer’s, hot topic, etc. There wasn’t anything really worth looking at except hats at Lids lol. Now I know why I hardly ever go to the mall. Not to mention most people weren’t wearing a mask or even trying to give each other space.