Woman fatally shoots suspected ‘peeping Tom’ outside bedroom window

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Not a very good “Peeping Tom” if he is looking through the window and doesn’t see the part where she leaves the room and comes back with a rifle…


> Police say the woman fired several shots through her wall, at least one of which apparently hit the suspect in the torso. Isn’t firing blind through walls and not 100% knowing what is on the other side something every gun safety course tells you not to do?


Is this part of Governor Abbott’s new initiative to prevent any rapes from ever occurring in Texas?


I’m not gonna comment on this article, specifically, as I don’t know what really happened. But I will say I’ve been the “Peeping Tom” before when my cat escaped the house and hid in my neighbor’s bushes. I’m glad I didn’t get shot while retrieving her.


When I was younger there was a “peeping Tom” who visited my apartment windows and those of my neighbor nightly. We would find his footprints in the flower bed, caught him on security camera and he sometimes left love notes. One time he even tried my door knob when I was home alone. We called the police every time he triggered the cameras/lights, but they would take to long to get there and said “our hands are tied unless we catch him in the act.” This is even though we knew exactly who he was. I finally got him to move on by leaving all my curtains open/lights on at night and cleaning a gun nightly for a week. Police don’t take “peeping” seriously, which is a shame because it’s tends to escalate to violence. Furthermore, it’s absolutely terrifying knowing that someone is watching your home at night.