1428 Dolphins Slaughtered In The Faroe Islands Sunday Night

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Dolphins are considered to be as intelligent as a 15 year old human being. Capable of emotions, complex communication and lifetime family bonds. Imagine walking into a village of 1,428 teenagers then torturing and murdering them.


The dolphins will get the last laugh when the entire population succumbs to acute mercury poisoning.


I prefer my sea life to be slaughtered by overfishing and trash in the oceans. None of this hand-to-fin slaughtering for me.


Yeah, this is one of those “traditions” that needs to be left behind. No need for this kind of practice to continue in this day and age


I get that you’d hunt for own consumption, but I draw the line at “We have too much, oh well, guess we just dump it in a hole in the ground”. It’s only making it worse for yourself and the species you’re hunting…