2,180+ Scientists Worldwide Demand ‘Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty’

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I wonder how many more scientists it will take until real action happens? Or will it be too late?


And replace it with what? The cold hard truth is that we need to radically alter the infrastructure here in the us if we want to even think about phasing out fossil fuels. There simply is no way right now to eliminate or even greatly reduce internal combustion engines in cars and there is no way to reduce the amount we have to drive. Mass transport sucks, most of us live in apartments which have no charging ability, most of us live too far from our jobs to walk, there is abysmal public bussing and trains in all but the largest cities and so what are people supposed to do? That needs to be addressed first.


“Non-proliferation” is an odd way to define it. Fossil fuels have already proliferated. Ubiquitously.


I.e Now that they have become rich by polluting the planet, they want the rest of the world to stay poor, so they can have a clean planet for themselves.


The fossil fuel industry(specifically oil and gas) makes around $2 billion a day.This is gonna be one heck of a hill to climb.