A research team has used cochlear organoids to identify drugs that can promote the regeneration of hair cells in an effort to treat hearing loss

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Would be great to have my hearing back to normal. Damaged it with a series of attempts to dig earwax out of my ear canal and people blasting loud music and bass 24/7 in my university.




I tried to read the paper but it’s really dense and I’m no expert. If you are an expert, do you think this could be turned into a therapy and if so, how many years from now as a guess?


Non-mammals are able to spontaneously regenerate the cells. You can blast noise at a chicken until it is stone deaf, and it will have perfect hearing in a few weeks. That is to say, there are plenty of animals that can show us how this is done, to guide research and development of hearing restoration therapy. I really hope such things can also reverse tinnitus.


>regeneration of hair cells Balls guys just got doglike hearing…