Adults of reddit, what part of being an adult caught you completely off guard because no one talks about it?

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After 40+ years on this planet you can still be traumatized by things that happened in your childhood


Curtains are expensive as fuck


Having to decide what to eat for the rest of your life. It can turn into laziness which leads to unhealthy eating. I don’t wanna do all that cooking when I can just throw a pizza in the oven. Even though I know deep down I need to eat more veggies and not have food go to waste Edit: thanks for all the comments and ideas glad to know I wasn’t the only one stressed about it. It makes me thankful to my mom who always had a dinner idea. Also just to clarify when I mentioned veggies I was more implying eating healthier in general instead of easy frozen things or snacks. I apologize my word choice wasn’t great. I’m grateful for frozen veggies


How absolutely constant it all is. Even when you think you’re getting a break, like a vacation, you’re just doing other adult things you don’t normally do in your everyday life.


That you’ll spend a huge portion of your life doing things you really don’t want to do (work, cleaning, being around people you don’t like)