‘Are we the sheep?’: QAnon believers struggle to process Gavin Newsom recall election in California

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There is good reason why QAnon adherents think that California is mostly conservative, there is a map showing just that floating around their circles. California is still very rural, so most of the rural counties are Republican and the map shows the state about 85% red as a result. However, there are 7 residents per square mile in Siskiyou County, California (for example) and 18,635 residents per square mile in San Francisco. That is the basic math that eludes QAnon adherents on Election Day. But then again, QAnon isn’t exactly targeting the Einsteins among us either. If they did, it would be a movement without followers.


– ‘Are we the sheep?’ I don’t know, who’s taking the livestock dewormer?


Struggling to process how a Democrat can win in California. Yep… sounds like the Qcumbers.


> think a secret military operation is “in control” and will soon purge the nation of their political enemies and restore Donald Trump to power. Are they ever gonna figure out that top rank military hates Donald?


How are these idiots still going on about Dominion when California has paper back ups of all the votes?