Biden orders tens of millions of Americans to get vaccinated with penalties for federal workers who refuse

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I’m not a Joe fan but I respect the fact that he fell on the sword twice. No President wanted to be the one that pulled out of Afghanistan but he said fuck it I’ll do it. Same energy with this vaccine mandate. Those crying about perceived government overreach have had little to say about the Patriot Act that gets extended every few years.


In other news, some dipshit is gonna give up a decent federal job that you (a vaccinated citizen) will have the opportunity to snag. Good luck, reasonable adult.


Watch Fox, who have a vaccine requirement policy in their workplace have an issue with this. And a reminder that Washington mandated his soldiers be vaccinated against smallpox


I see so many people complaining that they had to leave their job of 10+ years because they gave them a choice to get vaccination or terminated. You made the choice, you did it to yourself.


There was only ever one way we were going to get beyond Covid and this was the answer. Kudos to THE President for finally dropping the hammer.