Big ISPs fight to save exclusive wiring deals that limit choice in apartments

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fuck comcast. i haven’t been able to use better service providers with better pricing and customer service in 20 years because of this.


I used to work for one of the ISPs here in Hawaii (Oahu). It never really felt right that the ISPs could “lock up” a building. There’s no reason why multiple companies can’t have their wiring in the same building – err, unless there’s physical limitations I guess.


I have fiber in my area and can’t use it because the real estate investment trust in California owns my property management company in the tri-state area which owns my apartment complex and most of the others around here and that real estate investment trust has an exclusivity agreement with Comcast. That agreement is illegal and I can point to the section of law it violates, but there’s no “individual recourse” so I can’t sue. EFF thought the same, and pointed to I think SF52 from memory which would be the kind of measure I’d need to get going in my area to beat back the fuckers. This is another extension of wealth landed gentry buying up all the _ and renting it to the plebs usuriously.


I always forget about this bs and got lucky when I moved into my new apartment that it was the same isp. Nothing sucks more than moving and find out they have shit internet


Common in old folks homes too. You want X? Too bad. You get Y