Black Tar Heroin The Dark End of the Street (1999) – The film chronicles the daily lives of Jake, Jessica, Tracey, Oreo and Alice, ages 18 to 25, as they face perils of hard core drug addiction [01:14:07]

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Hi friends- Tracey here. Watch this on Vimeo and save yourself a bunch of aggravation. It’s on Steven Okazakis channel (the director) for Farrallon films. People are asking- yes I do (cringey lol) tiktoks, moderate r/opiates, wrote a book, have three kids. I still live in the SF Bay Area. I still run a narcan program. I was sober before the film even came out. No, we were not paid. This is not reality TV. It was a true documentary.


During the peak of my heroin addiction, I was able to reach out directly to Tracey and she Provided support and encouragement from afar. Her book was really good too. She’s really become a great advocate and healer. Sadly I think many of the other people in this film did not have a happy ending.


Tracey is a fucking hero and I believe a mod of r/opiates. She dedicates a lot of her time to harm reduction


Tracy is active on Reddit iirc but I don’t remember her username to summon her.


I remember when black tar hit San Francisco. The medical community was somewhat relieved that the tar clogged up needles so they couldn’t be shared. The HIV transmission rate actually dropped.