China Restricts Excessive Packaging in Foods & Cosmetics

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China does plenty that is worthy of criticism but this isn’t one. We need to stop treating everything related to China as red team Vs blue team – tensions between east and west will reduce only when we hold everyone, including ourselves, to the same standards. So when positive change is implemented it should be something we recognise and encourage. Their ability to make sweeping overnight changes across the entire country of 1.3bn is unmatched across the world, and that can be used for good as well as bad.


Hope every country do this! It’s annoying the amount of stupid unnecessary wrappings


Nice. I wish we’d do that in the US. We should eliminate single use plastics too – no more plastic bags at the grocery store.


This is FANTASTIC news. I get so upset when I see packaging that is just fucking wasteful for no reason at all. Particularly packages with individual packaging inside that had trays inside that. What the fuck? I live in China and I’m REALLY happy to hear this news.


GOOD. I wish all countries did this, it’s infuriating how much unnecessary packaging there is sometimes.