Chinese-born professor in Tennessee cleared of all spying charges in rebuke to U.S. Department of Justice

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The FBI presented false evidence to the university administrators that resulted in him being fired. They tailed him for 21 months and find no evidence of spy activity. When they questioned him they attempted to recruit him as a asset and he refused. The evidence they originally went off of for this whole thing is a website they said was suspicious when they ran it through Google translate. Despite all this, several jurors were willing to find him guilty


Although the professor was cleared of all spy charges, the clouds will stay over his head as spy allegations are very serious and they give a bad name to the accused.


Holy Hell, DOJ is racist AF.


The interesting part was that US were trying to bury him because he refuses to spy FOR america. Ironic how the original story spin him as a Chinese spy when in reality America was the one that’s trying to make him a spy.


Direct consequence of anti-China hype