COVID Vaccines Show No Signs of Harming Fertility or Sexual Function. The novel coronavirus, in contrast, can disrupt both things in unvaccinated men and women.

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Literally billions of doses administered and no huge issues how people can think they’re exterminating everyone I’ll never know.


There have been multiple articles stating that because Covid 19 is a cardiovascular virus, it’s causing some long term erectile dysfunction in a lot of cases. The capillaries in the male genitalia are tiny and numerous, so that’s not a hard leap to imagine that as a long term side effect.


This is one of the first things they test in drug design. We know people that didn’t get the covid vaccine because they thought it would harm their fertility. Didn’t listen *source wife works in drug design


Can anyone link me to the data in this article that shows miscarriages compared to number of pregnant women who took the vaccine? I spent entirely too long going through all the links and appendixes and couldn’t find it. Thanks


The virus also can permanently disrupt breathing.