Florida mother reunited with daughter abducted in 2007 at six years of age.

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I don’t understand why the agencies are taking credit for this. The daughter contacted the mother on social media, the agencies did nothing but verify identity and they are acting like they blew the whole case open in the article.


Another story states that the girl had been abducted by her dad and taken to Mexico if anyone is wondering. I’m so happy they’re reunited. I can’t imagine how hard it was for the mom all these years.


I’m so glad she got her daughter back safe and alive


Great news… truly heartwarming. But I don’t really appreciate how they framed the agencies as the ones who put this all together… They had nothing to do with the seeking out, contacting and reuniting of these two. They just staked out the daughter together. That’s about it. Weird and kinda shiesty if you ask me. ​ Still however, absolutely wonderful news.


Wow, I never see these coming.