For those who eat small meals throughout the day, what are your go-to snacks that travel well, don’t perish quickly, and work as healthy alternatives to junky stuff like chips, snack bars, etc

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I mostly do the almonds, carrots, and apples too for really quick stuff, but I’ll mix things up with: * portioned quick oats and spices in a sealed container + a thermos with hot water * If you have refrigeration – overnight oats in a sealed container * cuties (little easy peel oranges) * bananas * sliced cucumbers * sliced bell peppers * small whole grain tortillas or a single slice of sprouted grain bread * whole grain or flax crackers * small containers of portioned nut/sunflower butter OR hummus to add with fruit, veggies, oatmeal, crackers, tortillas, bread – (having this option really helps since it adds protein and keeps you full longer) * seaweed snacks * popcorn * walnuts, pecans, etc (just some variety over almonds) Took all this stuff with me to work, on road trips, to a wedding even, and it seriously saved my eating plan each time. I portion everything out ahead of time in bags or containers, so they’re all just “grab and go” and you don’t overeat by mistake.


basically any nut and any fruit. You can buy packaged nuts anywhere. Wash the fruit you want and put it in a bag. Also take a look at supplement stores online for healthy ingredients. I sometimes make my own protein bars with real peanut butter from a supplement store.


This might sound weird, but potatoes. I really love them even without a bunch of butter or whatever, so I’ll just boil some baby potatoes, put them in a tub, and eat them cold over the next few days. I have occasionally gotten strange looks, but hey, it works for me.


70%+ dark chocolate is pretty healthy and makes a good snack. Assuming it isn’t hot and you can carry it without sticking it in your pocket lol. There was a recent thread on chocolate – half the saturated fat is stearin acid which is pretty close to unsaturated fats for health profile.


Dry roasted edamame