Fueling the Fire: How Social Media Intensifies U.S. Political Polarization — And What Can Be Done About It

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Nothing can be done. It’s how these companies earn money. Even on reddit you see a lot of stealing, burglary,fighting videos that stoke up tensions between groups which in turn drive up interaction mean more ad times and thus money. It’s a profitable business. I would say Facebook is significantly worse in this case.


The problem with social media is that it operates entirely on a single metric: popularity. This scheme benefits the platforms and no one else.


I see this more and more often. A distant friend posts an extreme opinion from a view point I agree with and when I try to reign them back in, they automatically assume I’m for the other side as extremely as they are for their side (completely ignoring a middle ground). At that point, it’s nearly impossible to even have a conversation with them because they expend all their effort on assuming what my viewpoint is and completely ignore anything I have to say on my viewpoint. SM has gone from being an echo chamber to just a bunch of self-gratifying bloviation.


This toxicity goes both ways, not just right wing bad.


The US need to get rid of the two party system, first by the pole, gerrymandering and the electoral college. But this won’t happen as Democrats and Republicans both benefit from the status quo.