Globally, 1,175 GW – 76% of the global pipeline – of planned coal-fired power projects have been cancelled since 2015. This has avoided a 56% expansion of the total global coal fleet (as of June 2021), which would have been equivalent to adding a second China (1,047GW) to global coal capacity.

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shit well that is good news. another china in terms of coal output? no thanks


Thank you for posting this. Sometimes on a day to day basis it seems hopeless. But over years and decades massive improvement is happening.


What? Some good news about the climate, never thought I’d see that. Glad to see it though.


This is very good news, but how much of this lost future capacity is being replaced by natural gas vs sustainable energy? If it’s just being replaced by natural gas, well, that’s slightly better (half as much CO2 per unit energy and very little other pollutants) but it’s ultimately just kicking the can down the road by a couple decades. Of course there’s still benefit to having reliable base load electricity (just ask California), and natural gas with carbon capture might actually be a decent stopgap technology to help bridge the gap until {solar + wind + storage + maybe nuclear once you get past the two decades of permitting + hopefully one day fusion fingers crossed} can meet 100% of energy demand. EDIT: + improved energy efficiency + anything else I forgot


how is this uplifting? global warming isnt real /s