I’m 26 and currently investing 45% of my monthly income to buy land, rather than enjoying my earnings. Am I doing this right?

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This is definitely one of the more uncommon ways I’ve heard of a 20-something investing a large portion of their income.


Investing early in your life is great, if you want to have lots of money when you’re older. Investing a large portion of your salary is ok if you want to do that. Good investing will return more money later. Investing all your money in land on a hunch is not a great. You should have strong reasoning (and numbers to back it up) why you think that land will be worth something later.


Is there public access to this land? If not then your property is land locked and you will need to obtain a easement from the owner or owners that own the surrounding properties. What is the land currently Zoned as? ie Residential, Farm or Commercial? Are there utilities present currently? Water, Cable, Sewer, Electricity? How large of a property are we talking about? A lot in a future subdivision or 5 acres in country? What are property taxes on this currently? I tend to agree with what others have posted that rolling all your savings into one undeveloped property purchase is not a great investment tool although property ownership can be within a portfolio. I currently own 5 acres of desert in Nevada that my grandmother purchased 25 years ago for about 1500.00 and made payments for 10 years on. It was a future development for residential properties. It is currently worth about what she paid for it as none of it has been developed and the family has paid the damn property taxes for 25 years….. ​ Take Care and Good Luck with your investments!


Maybe save around 30% and use the 15% to live your life. You won’t be 26 again so enjoy some experiences.


You’re putting all your eggs in one basket. It could go really well or really poorly. I would be uncomfortable with that much of my wealth tied up in one speculative asset.