In the US, White protestors are perceived as less violent than Black protestors when protesting for the same goals. [Survey experiment data]

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do the protestors take the same actions? that would be a legitimate reason to have such a perception.


What do the **goals** of protesters have to do with how violent their **actions** may or may not be?


There is a long history of the news showing black rioters destroying property, stealing merchandise, and setting fires at the end of the day after the peaceful protest. They don’t show the same thing about white protests. So either it doesn’t happen or the media is suppressing it. This is probably why there is a bias when thinking of the two groups?


I think that goals of visiting protests should matter in such research. If people came there just to do some marauding while saying that they are protesting, should they be really counted as protestors or just criminals who using protests to cover their true intentions? Would numbers change if those pepople would be excluded from the list?


I would need to see stats on mostly white protests vs mostly black protests and which became violent to verify this. If one is generally more violent than the other the perception could be based in reality not bias. This is not a very good example of an experiment.