Larry Elder Campaign Concedes Defeat and Claims Fraud – Before Election Day

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Hold on to yer butts. This is how every election is going to go from now on.


There should be two prerequisites for when any candidate files for an election…that they agree to 1) make their tax returns for the prior ten years public, and 2) irrevocably pledge to abide by the results of the election, after any challenges are resolved by the election officials. If the candidate refuses to agree to either in advance, or fail to follow through on either requisite, they are immediately declared unfit for office, and unfit to file for the next two elections, whatever the results of the election. This nonsense needs to stop yesterday.


>The only problem: On Monday when the link was live on Elder’s campaign site, the election hadn’t even happened yet. No results had been released. And Elder was still campaigning to replace Newsom as governor. >We may know by the wee hours of September 15 that the recall has failed if “no” is leading by big margins, but legitimate ballots postmarked by election day will still be counted if they are received by election officials as late as September 21. Jumping the gun on the results right now is pretty remarkable. Evidence-free allegations of fraud are, well, pretty fraudulent. And he’s using “Benford’s Law” as evidence of fraud, which is a “statistical theorem involving the likelihood of certain numerals in random displays of numbers. Experts on Benford’s Law have repeatedly and heatedly and redundantly objected to its use to “prove” fraud in election returns.” The results aren’t even in yet so there are no official “numericals” yet to even point to…this is *blatant* fraud on Elder’s part.


Oh boohoo! Ultra blue state again refuses to vote for a crazy, talentless and inexperienced gop candidate. Clearly this is a case of fraud 🙄


But how can this be, I just saw an r/Conservative post that claimed Elder was “surging in the polls” or something