LPT: Ever reversing a trailer? The direction you turn the BOTTOM of the steering wheel is the way the trailer will go.

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If you’re new to it, go to a parking lot and check how it feels without any stress. Just keep going until you get it right by trial and error, and when you succeed, do a couple more That’s the way I learned to reverse when towing


The only way is to shut your brain off and feel it


You my new friend are a genius! I have struggled with this all my life and BOOM now I can see it!


Excellent advise. The only thing I would add is to make small corrections with the steering wheel. It is really easy to over steer and kick the ass end of the trailer to far to the left or right. a situation almost impossible to fix without having to pull forward and start over. Oh yeah, I would also recommend (former truck driver) walking all the way around both vehicles and where you are backing into. This way you are aware of any possible obstructions.