My favorite Norm Macdonald joke

(I’m paraphrasing a bit) Someone told me that the worst thing about the whole Cosby thing was the hypocrisy. I disagreed. I thought it was the raping. —————- RIP you magnificent bastard. (Edit: formatting)

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The only man to play Burt Reynolds better than Burt Reynolds could play himself.


My favorite Norm quote: “Finally, according to the U.S. News & World Report 1997 Career Guide, the best job in the United States, for the second year in a row, is Interactive Business System Analyst. However, last year’s worst job, Assistant Crack Whore, has been replaced by a new worst job: Crack Whore Trainee.”


My wife went into a coma and the doctor said to me “There’s one way to wake her up and it’s unconventional. Go in there and have oral sex with her.” I go in there and five minutes later I come out and says “Doctor, she’s choking!”


Wtf, Norms dead?


Norm on live SNL, doing the news: [mutters to himself] “what the fuck was that?” … *looks at camera* “Well this will be my final appearance on Saturday Night Live”