N.J. automatically expunged 360K marijuana cases this summer. There could be more to come.

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The tax money we have wasted prosecuting and jailing marijuana offenses is deeply disturbing to think about.




And paying reparations? Plenty of Marijuana tax to spend on the victims of prohibition.


It still carries the listing a a “Deadly Drug”. Even though no evidence says it is. Till that is changed, the battle is still on.


I’m 67. In 1973 I was arrested for possession of marijuana. I was riding in a car with guys from my home town that I worked with, we were on our way home from work at a precast construction company. We all had long hair, which is why we were pulled over. Two of my friends had either a ‘roach’ or a pinch of reefer on their person. I had absolutely nothing. We were all arrested for the same charge and later released on our own recognizance with a court summons. When I went to court the following month the prosecutor dropped the charge against me. Fast forward 15 years, I interviewed and was hired for a job at Hertz. Before my start date my new boss called me to tell me that the old charge for Possession of Marijuana had showed up when they did a criminal background check. Although I had been arrested by the State Police I had to go to the township where I was actually arrested and get a letter stating that the charges had been dropped. I hadn’t thought of this story for many decades until I saw this sub Reddit pop up.