Protests held at Brett Kavanaugh’s home over Texas abortion bill decision

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Poor Brett. Everyone is always trying to cancel him for being a whole entire piece of shit.


We still don’t know who paid off all of Kavanaugh’s debt before he was nominated. Coathanger Barrett was fronted $2 mil for a book deal. The SCOTUS has at least 2 bought and paid for seats (likely more, including the stolen seat). Republican corruption has destroyed the rule of law in this country.


This is the correct approach. The American right pushes a full court press every day on every issue even if it doesn’t make sense. If the larger American left would do the same, the world would be a much better place.


Just occurred to me. If Brett had been successful in raping Christina Blasey Ford (with Mark Judge watching) and gotten her pregnant, would he have insisted she get an abortion?


I LIKE BEER. And I like having rights; not you.