Push for Native American curriculum in schools makes gains

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We had a whole class on Native American history I though everyone did in High School We even got to go to a Pow Wow


A class on the local Indian tribes sounds like it could be really cool or really tedious depending on how you teach it.


This sort of stuff really belongs are part of a state history curriculum and doesn’t really need its own class. The influence of native american culture and history on the modern world is pretty small.


We spent like a whole month on first Nations people’s in social studies in like grade 7 or 8 (circa 2003) here in Ontario…and there actually was a large focus on how the government screwed them, we even learned about the bullshit residential schools long before the current shitstorm of news surrounding them…thought this was a standard part of most curriculums, especially by now.


My fourth grade year was all about Native American history. No sugar coating either. Pretty horrific stuff in our recorded history. Once the area was colonized so much of their history was gone. Keeping it alive is the only option. Plus it’s all incredibly fascinating and gives people a new perspective on things most take for granted.