Rainbow Pride crossing vandalised with Bible verses.

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Imagine if I hated ice cream. Instead of ignoring ice cream I think about ice cream 24/7. Ice cream occupies my thoughts at all hours of the day. I am disgusted by people who like ice cream, I go on the internet to complain about ice cream, I walk into ice cream shops and scream at the staff to stop selling ice cream. I try to have law makers ban it, I have thoughts about killing people who like ice cream, and start praying that people will never like ice cream. That’s religious people with the LGBT.


Christian love is so heartwarming.


Maybe someone should go vandalise a church with rainbows. The bible does say an eye for an eye after all.


Christians just love to hate. They are losing the pretense of representing their god thing’s ‘*love’.* God only loves them and if you don’t believe it, just ask them. It is interesting how the burning hatred we see with the evangelicals has gotten hotter and louder since they gave themselves over to hard right politics, leaving their Jebus in the dust of their passing. They complain about how badly they are bleeding numbers and blame it on Everything but their own ugly words and actions. Should I praise them forgiving their god such a bad name among the young??? Edited for typos


“Symbol of universal love and acceptance shat on by barbarian filth.” Fixed that headline for you.