[Serious] Reddit, what are your creepy encounters with something that you are convinced was paranormal?

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When I was a young child, I had an imaginary friend who I would sit up with at night and speak to at length. My mother would have to come in every night and tell me to go to bed to much protest until she said goodnight to my friend aswell. This went on for years, I would speak to my friend, a monk, a dark cloaked figure who had no real features I can remember, but would sit on the end of my bed quite peacefully. This went on for so long my mother got concerned, as I wasn’t growing out of the phase of having an imaginary friend, so she had me ‘checked’ from the neck up, to which I was proven to be as perfectly sane as any ordinary child. The paranormal part of this, is that no one ever else ever saw him, until one night one of my aunts stayed over, and I had to give up my room for her. In the dead of the night she screamed the house awake, ran down the stairs so quick she missed a step , fell down the stairs and near broke her ankle, just a very nasty sprain if I correctly recall. Whilst waiting for her to calm down, she apparently exclaimed about a dark figure in my room with her. In the midst of all this, she refused to go back upstairs and I was kicked from the sofa back to my room, to which a groggy me just said “told ya, come on Ben time for bed”, with a sense of elation of being proven sane. Later research into the house revealed we lived on the grounds of a former monastery. We moved that summer and I never saw my friend again.


My best friend and his wife had moved to a new apartment. I came over to visit a few times, and each time I’d see the motion of a cat in my peripheral vision. Not the image of a cat, but a sense of how a cat moves. Anyway, one day I finally cracked some joke about the ghost cat in the place and his wife was instantly saying “See! See! I told you we had a ghost cat!”


This might end up getting long, but I’ll try to make it worth the read. One morning, I awoke suddenly. It was a beautiful summer morning. The sun was streaming in the windows, curtains blowing gently in a breeze, birds chirping happily outside. I had a moment of total peace. Then I turned my head and saw a figure standing by the bed. It was a Hispanic lady, dressed in a formal red dress. (She looked a lot like the actress Elizabeth Peña). She was looking down at me with an expression that I can only describe as absolute adoration. I remember thinking “oh no, she’s confused me for someone else!” And then just laying there, convinced that if I spoke she would realize her mistake and be embarrassed. This went on for about ten minutes, this woman looking at me like I was her cherished offspring. Then I blinked and everything was gone. It was dark and the glow of the moon on the snow outside lit up the room. It had just been a dream, a strange dream but a dream none the less. I managed to forget about it the next day and so I was surprised the next morning when… I awoke suddenly. Bright sunlight was streaming through the window. The curtains rippled in a gentle breeze and birds sang sweetly outside. I turned to look beside me and there she was. She was kneeling beside the bed, arms crossed on the mattress and her head resting in her arms. Again, she looked at me with such pure love and adoration that I just laid there and basked in it, although I was still sure she had mistaken me for someone else. We stayed that way even longer that time, maybe twenty minutes. And then I blinked and I was once again in reality, where it was still night and still winter. I mulled over the dream the next day, wondering at what it meant. I was convinced my subconscious was trying to tell me something. That night, I was anxious to fall asleep and dream. And so, when I woke to the sun streaming in, the curtains waving in a gentle breeze and there birds chirping merrily, I thought I was prepared. I laid for a moment enjoying the sights and sounds, before turning to where I knew the lady would be. And there she stood, beside the bed. But this was different. She was screaming, her face screwed up in an anxious grimace. She waved her arms frantically. But no sound came from her. It was like I was watching a movie on mute. She continued to try to scream, waving her hands in a desperate pleading motion. She looked as though she was about to cry. I looked back at her in confusion, unsure what was happening. She stopped her frantic waving and looked defeated. And then, a look came across her face. She raised her hands above her head and brought her fists together. Before I knew what was happening, she brought them down with all her might right on my solar plexus. I woke up gasping, struggling to sit up, struggling to breathe, wheezing as my lungs tried to fill with air again. Back in reality. It is still night and it is still winter. Once I can breathe, I continue to sit up in bed, traumatized by what’s just happened. I’m terrified, but mostly because the lady’s behavior had changed so drastically. I cannot calm myself and so I continue to sit up, breathing slowly and deeply And at some point, I realize that I am feeling a slight shudder in the bed. Every ten or fifteen seconds. I listen closely, but cannot hear any sounds over the fan that is running in the corner. But the shudder comes again. I reach down to put my hands on the bedframe and confirm that something is indeed shaking the bed very gently. I quietly and slowly get out of bed. Trailing my hand along the bedframe, I make my way to the foot of the bed. The sweater chest that sits against the footboard prevents me from keeping contact with the bedframe, but I continue to my husband’s side of the bed. As I round the sweater chest, the moon reflecting against the snow outside the window offers a dim light. Enough to see a dark shadow wedged between the sweater chest and the footboard. I watch as the shape twitches and shudders, my mind not able to make sense of what I’m seeing. And finally, thinking I must still be dreaming, I reach out to touch the shadow. It’s my dog He’s tried to retrieve a toy from between the bed and the chest, but had gotten his collar caught in the decorative scrollwork of the footboard. He is twitching and shudfering because he is slowly choking to death. I scream and awaken my husband, who ends up having to retrieve a knife to cut the collar off – he’s managed to twist it perfectly around the breakaway portion so that it cannot work. We get him free and sit for hours holding him and crying, afraid to leave him for a moment. He survives without any issues. But I am haunted by the dream of the lady in red. Yes, I know it’s very likely that my subconscious had picked up on the vibrations of my dog’s struggles and crafted something in my dream to startle me awake. Except for the fact that I have suffered extremely vivid nightmares for my entire life. Had I only had the final dream, I would have done what I did every time I have a nightmare. Roll over and go back to sleep. I only stayed awake that night because the first two dreams had make me start to trust the lady. And so when she so desperately struck out at me, it bothered me on a very deep level. Much deeper than any nightmare ever has before or since. Why did she come to me at all? I’ll never know. But I believe that is she hadn’t, we would not have found my dog until it was far too late.


I went to the Betsy Ross House as a really little kid in the early 90s. Normal house but I was confused why the tour guide never talked about the woman on the chair crying at the edge of the bed in Betsy Ross’s bedroom. So I asked about it. No one else saw the woman at the edge of the bed. I figured it was just a wax museum since there was a wax statue of a man in uniform rolling bullets in the basement. Years later, I was looking at haunted Philadelphia tours to go on with a friend and the Betsy Ross House was on it. I was like “woah! I was there!” and looked into it some more. Turns out there is a woman at the end of the bed crying and a uniformed man in the basement that people have reported seeing. There is no way that 8 year old me would have known about either of these things.


I was helping my dad clean my grandma’s house after she passed and I went in and was trying to find a song in my phone and before I could I heard a cough plain as day come from down the hallway where her room was. She died of lung and throat cancer it was pretty crazy.