Should I quit job and rest for a few years?

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Go PRN. Work when you want/can. Take 3 days off, or 3w or 3m. Then get back in the game. Then take a month off. Rinse. Repeat. Then you at least keep both your skill set and pay rate current. I had it all wrong as a kid growing up. Turns out what I *really* wanted to be as an adult was “PRN”!


I have heard that demand for nurses is at an all-time high, and they’re making a lot of money. Am I wrong about that? If I’m right, what are the forces that are depressing wages?


I did this in my mid-30s and don’t regret it at all. I was not in as good as the financial position as you, but was working my way through some pretty dramatic relationship and financial issues and I just had it with my high stress job. I rented a really cheap apartment and took three months off and reset. I then started to do just enough contract work to pay my bills and not eat into my savings. I slowly work back up to saving more money, while still working part time and traveling. I found that I ended up needing the same per hour working part time hourly as I did working 50+ hours a week for salary. For the first three months I just bought an ACA plan, after that I ease my way into a part-time position that covered my health insurance, while also working for a couple of other companies (fully transparent to all). I am now in my early 40s and don’t feel like this lifestyle is sustainable without some long-term assurances (I.e. property ownership/More retirement savings), I am now looking to go back to some thing that is a little more demanding, but also has better compensation. It is very difficult to tell what your industry is going to look like in five years, but if you can find a way to take your foot off the gas and work part time, while still saving for retirement and paying your bills, life is too short to work yourself to death. With two paid off homes, how much money do you need to survive? My assumption that is as a nurse, you have skills that also lend them selves to part-time or contract work. Have you done a semi retired budget?


Just a thought, but have you considered Travel Nursing? I worked with plenty of nurses who “reset” after a few great travel locations. Especially because you can make more money this way, some travel companies will even pay for your health coverage. Something to consider.


It’s time to get the hell out of your current job. If you can afford to do it, take some time off. Pick up jobs as a traveling nurse, or go back to school and become an NP, where you’ll make more money and have a more relaxed life anyway. Life is too short, to ever dread going to work. I’ve been where you are (Different industry). years ago, and I’m super glad that I got the hell out when I did.