The Church Of Satan setting the standard for church-state separation.

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What did the tweet they’re responding to say? Kinda hard to comment on this if I don’t know the context of their disagreement. But either way, there’s a saying something along the lines of “the only thing needed for evil to win is for good to do nothing”. That’s one of the reasons TST is better than the CoS. When your enemy is using politics to roll all over you, staying out of politics is actively detrimental.


There’s a lot of reading comprehension failure here, or at least misinformed confusion. The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple are two wholly separate entities. CoS is a religious group that holds a lot of atheist/humanist values but is in fact a literally religious entity. They believe in an actual personal Satan and magic and other nonsense. They are, to my understanding, still great people just with weird as hell beliefs (because religion). The Satanic Temple (TST) is an atheist entity that doesn’t believe in anything supernatural, though they have applied and gained a legal religion status in the US specific for the purpose to fucking with laws that favor Christianity (or any religion really). We do *not* believe in a personal Satan or magic or any of that fuckery. The name, imagery, and basically anything related to religion with regards to TST was chosen specifically to fuck with Christians, being that Christianity is the dominant Bronze Age bullshit here in the US, and nothing at all to do with believing such nonsense.


Twitter formating is garbage. I can’t tell what the hell is supposed to be going on here.


yeah this not new outside the US, guys, secular states have been around for some time. But good for you, separating religions and politics is a giant step to unfuck the USA


Someone has to uphold Democracy. If the Feds are having trouble with a ‘top down’ approach then other perspectives and attempts from the Civil part of society is welcome. Thank you Satanists.