The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood & The World (2021) How Jho Low defrauded a national investment fund and pulled off one of the twenty-first century’s most audacious heist [00:19:52]

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I saw that Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr dated him. I’m sure she was with him for his looks and not the piles of money that he seemed to have.


How the hell does a country has that amount alocated without any other third party supervision? It is just insane!


But he didn’t pull it off, otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing about it. I found it hilarious that he financed the Wolf of Wall Street.


“Billion dollar whale” is about this guy. fascinating read. He’s still on the run, by the way, I believe last seen in China where he presumably paid a few people a few million dollars to not get extradited back to Malaysia.


Had a very hard time following the story with wolf of wallstreet scenes flashing in the background – very distracting.