The Medallion Fund – The greatest hedge fund of all time!

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The part about $100 invested in 1988 would be $398 million by 2012 isn’t true. The fund has limited capacity, so your earnings get paid out regularly and you need to find somewhere else to invest it. It’s more like $100 invested in 1988 would return $66 per year (or whatever) every year.


And they bought GME a few weeks ago, *tips cap*


imagine if these people went to work on science research instead of taking advantage of quantatative and behavorial economics.


Robert Mercer – The man who gave us Trump, Brexit, and a divided nation. FU.


For some reason haven’t read the book yet but always envious of those early Medallion investors. We’ll see what the future holds with Simons retired. Brilliant folks, wish they were solving disease or cold fusion!