The Supreme Court’s right-wing Catholics are destroying true religious freedom | Religious faith isn’t the problem — but Texas ruling shows Supreme Court has been hijacked by Christian nationalism

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Evangelicals don’t believe that Catholics are Christian. That tells you a lot.


> Barrett has written that Catholic judges must not take any action that conflicts with the dogma of the church. Instead of upholding her secular oath, when such a conflict arises, Barrett has recommended that judges should “conform their own behavior to the [Catholic] Church’s standard.” When invited to repudiate this statement at her confirmation hearing in 2017, Barrett declined to do so. This is the cost of democratic voter apathy/disaffection.


Funny that supporters of a party called the Republicans believe that the universe is a monarchy 🤣


First Barrett ISN’T a mainline Catholic, she’s a member of a strange offshoot sect. Second – if any Catholics think that the WASPs will stand for us existing once they have their way, they have a cold truth coming, the Evangelicals HATE Catholics, and are only “friendly” as long as we can be used to get rid of things like abortion, once they have the power, Catholics will be told to F off.


Funny how Abbot thinks being more Christian and God fearing will end rapes and other violent crimes. Anyone want to let him know the more religious a nation is the higher the crime rate?