The United States Will Spend $3.5 Trillion Without Batting an Eye—as Long as It’s on War.

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It’s embarrassing that every news outlet has only run with the price tag of the infrastructure bills, instead of what the bills actual contain. I don’t believe there’s a single good PR strategist on the left.


Our military budget is bigger than the next 10 countries combined…. how much is enough? After the last several wars, we found it cheaper to bury or just give away billions of $ worth of equipment than to ship it back….. who actually believes that? Cui Bono? (Who benefits?) “Military Budget” for those who may need that clarification.


My commute is horrendous. The roads are congested and regularly clog. We haven’t invested in good public transportation and work off outdated consulting reports. I want my tax dollars to support our people and make everyone’s life better and the environment. Our politicians don’t care about the American people and the planet.


Well, this is the thing that confounds me. All of the people who reject the idea of providing healthcare for other people… Have no objections to extravagantly funded Army, Navy, Air Force and, now, Space Force. They have no problem with militarising the Police force or funding the fire departments. They have no problem with having nice infrastructure, like roads, bridges, etc. All paid for by taxation, that benefits other people. No-one says “screw you, I am not providing an Army for you, I am going to privately pay for my own Army that only protects me and my family!”. Now add in that Americans already pay the highest amount, per person, to healthcare costs to not get universal healthcare that is free at the point of reception. Murica!


And as long as rich people don’t have to pay for it.