“This is idiotic”: Mayors defy Ron DeSantis’ threat to fine cities “millions” for vaccine mandates| “We’re not going to let our own governor put our residents in danger,” says Miami Beach Mayor Don Gelber

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Again, Republicans are not offering alternative solutions to mitigate the spread of covid. They are only fighting every other solution offered. Republicans do not have a plan to address covid. They are obfuscating this fact by trying to make the discussion about personal freedom etc. Edit: to the anti-vax people responding to this claiming doing nothing is an answer, denying all data that says you are brutally wrong isn’t only foolish, it’s actively killing people and anyone who does this should be ashamed. Fighting against reasonable preventative measures to stop getting other people sick isn’t patriotic, it’s just selfish and stupid. Edit 2:. Making up numbers and lying about easily verified information to support your anti-science crap doesn’t work either. You can’t fight math.


Ron DeSantis is a flaming pile of pure human excrement.


Every so often I stop, look at this whole situation with fresh eyes and marvel at how incredibly fucking insane it all is.


He’s pushing the expensive treatment made by his political donor. He can justify spending more taxpayer money on the monoclonals if more people get sick.


I said it back when Texas and Florida were enacting anti mask laws, they want covid to blowup. They are deliberately sabotaging attempts to mitigate covid to hurt Biden. They are literally killing people for political gain. What other reason would they have for doing this if not for political gain? It’s stunning and sad.