Those who do not fear death, why?

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Because it’s coming whether I like it not so might as well accept it and try and get something out of my remaining years. The act of dying in the other hand – that I’m not much a fan of, given the number of unpleasant options available.


Death is peace. What I fear is chronic illness, unbearable pain, being elderly and alone, but not death. When my wife had cancer, she didn’t fear dying. She feared losing her ability to function, and being dependent on others to feed her and bathe her. I think she saw death as a better alternative.


I dont know what happened before i was born, i also have no idea what happens after death. Why would i be worried


I’ve been crippled by an autoimmune disease for 11 years. I’m a passenger on a train called “Life” watching the world go by as i can do fuck-all to stop the ride. Not existing and stopping the pain would be a marked improvement over my current condition. I’ve known no love, no happiness, no brightness, no friendships and no luck in life, all i’ve ever known was solitude, misery, depression, anxiety and in the last 11 years of my life, almost constant pain comparable to nerve damage. If i was a dog you wouldn’t hesitate to shoot me, because even taking me to a vet would be cruel since it’s delaying the end.


Because I’m not facing it. I’m not scared of rabid bears right now either.