TIL Fetal Alcohol Syndrome wasn’t discovered until the mid 1970s, and in 1988 the CDC concluded a fifth of women drank while pregnant.

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As an 80s kid who grew up with these people that honestly seems low.


Back in the day, so my mom says, pregnant women were told by their doctors that drinking and smoking would relax them.


My son was born over 8 lbs. My super judge mental father was like “your mother never had a baby over six lbs”. My retort was: “of course, we never got over six lbs with how much mom smoke and drank while she was pregnant with us.”


I’m surprised the number is that low! My mom regularly drank and even got blotto most weekends and smoked as well during her pregnancy with me. She also didn’t want to breastfeed and fed me evaporated milk mixed with corn syrup rather than formula. I wonder sometimes how my life would be different if…


A lot still do! And smoke as well.