TIL of Tullimonstrum Gregarium, aka the Tully Monster. An animal so strange, that despite having thousands of fossils, we don’t know whether it was a vertebrate or an invertebrate. To add to the strangeness, fossils of this creature have only been found in one fossil site in the world.

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Looks like a Spore creature lol


That is one odd looking creature


The fossil site is the Mazon Creek Fossil Beds in the state of Illinois. Also, technically the Tully Monster was classified as a vertebrate in 2016, but this animal is so strange that, despite this, scientists are still debating what it actually is.


This feels like one of those things where, in 200 years they’re going to look back at us and say “Look what those idiots thought the Tully Monster looked like. Do you see this drawing?”


Ahh yes, way back when a few hundred million years ago when evolution was in its drunk teenage years. Poor lil thing. It looks like a squid with an arm glued to its face and someone’s jammed knitting needles in its eyes. But I love ancient taxa like this – you get those weird leaf creatures from the Ediacarian and there are questions whether these things are a whole Kingdom that died out.